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nl-004-free-posterWelcome to the home  page of www.georgeformbymotorbike.com It is a tribute act site dedicated to the film "No Limit" Staring George Formby..In the film George plays a character by the name of George Shuttleworth,who is also affectionately know as the" Speed Demon" . George (shuttleworth) built a motor bike which he called the" Shuttleworth Snap "it had its own unique modifications and styling,with its checked fairing and stream lining. George's idea was to ride in the Isle of Man TT Races.

Graeme Hardy has now put together the only truly realistic No Limit Tribute...the fact is its probably the only one....however. Graeme who plays George in the tribute promotes himself as" Forge Formby". He purchased a 1920s flat tank Triumph motor bike four years ago, It is a similar style Motor Bike to the one George rode in the film .... Graeme  set out to recreate the Shuttleworth Snap,,modifications and all,,,,, after months of painstaking effort and research the Shuttleworth Snap was complete and ready for its maiden run.The reaction from people was quite remarkable..  Graeme first attended local bike gatherings and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest the bike due,,,  all kinds of people,,children and adults alike were interested in the story behind such a unusual looking motorbike.. Graeme has since displayed the bike at various Motorcycle events such as the Thundersprint, Goodwood Revival, NEC Trade shows, bike shows and Race meetings; it never fails to attract interest and is always a big attraction..

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